About Us

FatPipe Networks is an US company with global presence and is a leader in networking of various delivery nodes and digitization of patients' Medical Records. The integration of IT in healthcare is promising and an important key to success. Integration means that technology, primary care, strategy and overall delivery can be achieved in accordance to the mission goals.

FatPipe TeleHealthMax © is a comprehensive system that leverages the power of various components of Information Technology such as Software, Hardware, Networking, Connectivity, and IT Security to disseminate medical care to remote areas.

FatPipe has been providing international customers a variety of services that optimize their operations. These services vary from specking and providing hardware to customize software and ERP solutions. As a part of its offerings, FatPipe has been in the forefront of providing global customers' solutions, which ensure highly optimized Wide Area and Local Area Networks. These high end solutions are provided through a combination of leading edge innovative hardware and software solutions that ensure customers have world class networks.

FatPipe has over 8000 installs worldwide and they represent customers that demand best of Breed Technology and Solutions, along with a degree of security that moves beyond the ordinary. These customers include The World Health Organization, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Midland Memorial Hospital, Sacred Heart Medical Center, the US Supreme Court, US Army, US Southern Command, Four Seasons Hotel Group, Hilton Hotels and a variety of other high profile names.