FatPipe Telemedicine Solutions

Hospital Management System (HMS)

The TeleHealthMax© Hospital Management System can be tailored to the specific needs of a hospital or a group of hospitals. Due to this flexibility, incorporation of this module is easy and can be done with a minimal of disruption. Some of the sections of this modules are the following:

  • Front Desk – used for setting up patients in the EHR system and also for scheduling physician visits and other activity
  • Physician/Medical Personnel – this is for use by the medical staff. It allows them to pull up patient records, order tests, medicines and review historical data. It allows for multiple doctor consultations.
  • Billing – this module makes it convenient to bill for different services within a department and also from other departments.
  • Pharmacy – this module is used to manage and dispense pharmaceuticals. It can also be tied in with an order entry system so that when stocks of a particular drug hit a certain level, automated ordering can be executed.
  • Human Resources – this module is designed to keep track of all personnel records including salaries, accreditations, education, special skills, vacation time, scheduling vacations etc.