Telehealth Max©


FatPipe TeleHealthMax (Health Information Technology Max) is a comprehensive system that leverages the power of various components of Information Technology such as Software, Hardware, Networking, Connectivity, and IT Security to disseminate medical care to remote areas. The main components of FatPipe TeleHealthMax are

Electronic Health Records

TeleHealthMax© encompasses a advanced EHR (Electronic Health Records) system that allows accurate recording, tracking and storage of patient information. The EHR system stores individual patient records and is very secure. Access is only granted on a need to know basis.

Integrated Medical Equipment Software

TeleHealthMax© also integrates various diagnostic medical equipment into a common software platform. This allows data capture and storage directly in patient records, thus saving time is much more accurate than written records.

Imaging software

TeleHealthMax© also includes sophisticated imaging software. Digitized images captured from X-ray or MRI equipment can be analyzed and transferred using this software. Images are crystal clear and any annotations by physicians or specialists can be layered on top of the basic image. This ensures the original image is intact.


Training is another component of TeleHealthMax© Depending on what the situation calls for, TeleHealthMax© will offer training on the EHR and HMS (Hospital Management System). This can be a part of continuing education for all people using the system.

WAN Connectivity

Telemedicine is dependent on the ability to connect remote areas via a Wide Area Network (WAN).WAN uptime is very important. If the WAN is down then the whole system is not usable. WAN uptime is ensured using FatPipe WAN Redundancy technology. This technology allows multiple connections to the internet that are independent of type of connection or the ISP. If a connection should fail, all traffic is automatically failover to the available connections.

Web Collaboration

TeleHealthMax© web collaboration is a powerful tool. It allows physicians and specialists of multiple disciplines to collaborate on patient care, thus ensuring the patient is given the very best care and advice.

Remote Consultation

TeleHealthMax© remote consultation allows patients in remote locations consul with their doctor. In countries that do not have a well developed healthcare network, patients in remote locations have to travel even for basic healthcare. With TeleHealthMax© in place, initial diagnostics and consults can occur remotely and if needed the patient can be advised to travel to a higher level facility.

Hospital Management System

TeleHealthMax© Hospital Management System (HMS) is a comprehensive system that can be used to manage all departments of a hospital. Using this software package, a hospital can manage patients, personal records, HR, pharmacy etc. Different levels of access granted to users of the system to ensure confidentiality of information.