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The growth of the IT sector has impacted every vertical of business, commerce, government and private enterprise. The power of IT has been leveraged though various means, in various industries, and government functions that have resulted in extremely high increases in productivity and efficiency. Paper filing systems have given way to electronic filing systems. The ability of businesses or governments to directly interact with customers, oftentimes far removed geographically, has revolutionized the way businesses or services are provided. In this context, IT can be used in the field of medicine to vastly improve outcomes, especially in countries that do not have a robust medical system in place.

Telemedicine is the integration of several components. They are (but not limited to) - Electronic Health Records (also commonly referred to as Electronic Medical Records), Site to Site connectivity, digitized diagnostics, video conferencing, health education etc. Telemedicine expands the usual model where the physician and patient are in close proximity. Telemedicine enables live interaction and the exchange of medical information, between patient and physician, who are not located in the same place. A patient in a remote location can consult a physician or specialist through an internet or private connection.