FatPipe Telemedicine Solutions

Electronic Health Record System (EHRS)

The EHR system is designed to be flexible and adaptable to a wide range of conditions. This secure system enables physicians and hospitals to easily and effectively manage patient records from various sources including laboratories, health screen, physician and hospital records. All records can be easily retrieved.

  • The Lab Module is also based upon Open Vista and is in two sections - Microbiology and Radiology, The salient features are integrated software to capture information from most diagnostic instruments including X-Rays, Ultrasound, Pathology Microscope, Scanners and other Vital Signs equipment. All the images captured will be linked to the patient and available on-line for doctors to review them.
  • Integration of EMR with electronic Imaging and collaboration software so that group consultation annotations can be made by remote doctors.
  • Templates for Lab tests help the technician enter report easily.
  • Uploaded reports are directly linked to the patient's database, which helps the doctors to easily view and analyze them online.

The following are some of the capabilities and technology features of the imaging technology. TeleHealthMax© recognizes that there are always changes in technology, new software languages and software architecture and low bandwidth environments, such as satellite connections requires flexibility. The system is designed such that changes can be made easily. Some major features are:

  • Multiple File Types - Supports all image file-type formats - TIF, JPEG, JPEG 2000, DICOM, GIF, BMP, PNG, PDF, NITF, etc.
  • Access to Image Metadata - Display and tracking of image meta-data.
  • Multi-Modal - Consumes images and metadata from all types of equipment or probes used to acquire images Radiology, ultrasound, MRI, microscopy, etc.
  • Large File Capabilities - Support for fast, synchronized viewing of large image files.
  • Multiple Image Upload and Management - Drag-n-drop image file uploading
  • Image Preservation - Annotation does not destroy the integrity of the underlying image
  • Remote Image Acquisition and Integration - Inclusion of images from remote, disparate file systems and repositories.
  • Images can be digitized and stored in high quality formats.
Diagnostic Devices

The TeleHealthMax© software suite has a powerful capability of integrating various diagnostic tools such s BP Monitors, Diabetes, SPO2, EKG etc such that, output from these devices can be directly interfaced and recorded in a patients Electronic Health Record. This ensures various patient health parameters are accurately recorded and becomes a part of the patients permanent medical record. These can be reviewed at anytime by physicians.